Implementation of NEC Transport Services, 2015

Amal Multi Services & Transport Co. Successfully implemented the transport services for the 2012 National Local Council Election and had contract with NEC.

Amal supplied transport and logistics services NEC and covered all polling station in the following regions:

  • Maroodi Jeex
  • Awdal Region
  • Togdheer region

The subject of the contract shall be the supply, and delivery of the following supplies: Supply of transport for Local Council Elections process in three lots (Lot 1, Lot 2, and Lot 4) and the final transport plan.

The place of delivery shall be at the National Electoral Commission Headquarters and at the district electoral offices and the Polling Stations/Centres on the dates specified in the attached annexes. The implementation period of the tasks is from 6th November, 2012 to 31st December, 2012. However, NEC reserves the right to extend the implementation period.

Proof that vehicles and drivers included in each specific lot originate from that respective region (i.e. Vehicles and drivers cannot come from other regions to carry out work for region being tendered).

Amal Multi Services & Transport Co. Contributed to all terms of the Special Conditions and the technical annexes.

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